Pilotage Directions


Except as otherwise provided herein, these Pilotage Directions shall not apply to:
(a) Vessels of less than 20 metres in length overall or to fishing vessels of less than 47.5metres length overall; or
(b) UK warships and other vessels in the long-term service of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Northern Lighthouse Board, Marine Scotland and UK Border Force engaged in performing their statutory duties or other operations in support of these statutory duties

Compulsory Pilotage

Compulsory Pilotage:

Pilotage shall be compulsory for the following vessels navigating anywhere within the harbour north of the line of latitude of 58° 11.50’N, and in the area marked as Glumaig Harbour on Admiralty Chart 2529:

(a) Vessels carrying on board dangerous goods in bulk;
(b) Vessels over 30 metres length overall carrying 12 or more passengers;
(c) Vessels over 25m in length overall engaged in towing;
(d) Vessels under 25m in length overall engaged in towing vessels or structures over 20m in length excluding, with the prior approval of the harbourmaster, such vessels engaged in emergency towing.
(e) Vessels over 65 metres in length overall with single main propulsion unit and without an operational bow thruster;
(f) Vessels over 75 metres in length overall without both operational bow thruster and stern thruster;
(g) All vessels over 95m in length overall;
(h) Any vessel which has any defect in its hull, machinery or equipment which might affect its safe navigation within the harbour.
(i) Any vessel which in the opinion of the Harbourmaster is restricted or hampered in any way in its operation so as to present a potential hazard to the safety of navigation within the harbour.

Refer to Pilotage Directions for furthers information.

Requests for Pilots

Pilots are available 24hours 7 days a week, however vessels requiring pilots should notify Port Control at least 24 hours in advance. Request for pilots should be emailed to portcontrol@stornowayport.com. Prior to arrival a Prior Notification Form should be filled out and sent to portcontrol@stornowayport.com. To ensure an efficient Pilotage, the Pilot Card should be sent with the PNF prior to arrival.

Calling Procedures

Vessels entering/departing the Pilotage area should establish contact with Port Control at least 2 hours prior to arrival/departure, confirming estimated time of arrival/departure and draft.