On Friday 26th April, multicat vessel C-Force will be engaged in laying 3 new
lateral navigational buoys within Stornoway harbour.
The buoys, fitted with topmarks and lights, will be installed in the following

Starboard lateral buoy: 58° 11.95’N, 006° 22.725’W
Light characteristic: Fl. G 4S

Port lateral buoy: 58° 11.72’N, 006° 22.595’W
Light characteristic: Fl. R 4S

Port lateral buoy: 58° 11.64’N, 006° 22.770’W
Light characteristic: Fl. R 2S

C-Force will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre when installing the buoys
and vessels should give C-Force a wide berth. C-Force will listen on VHF ch 12

Port Control maintains a listening watch on VHF ch. 12 at all times.
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