Construction & Development Works
Notice is hereby given that civil construction and development works
in relation to Deep-Water-Terminal are presently scheduled to
commence on / around the 20th June 2022.

Development, and constructional work activity will initially be land
based; however, said works are expected to continue and progress
down towards the shoreline and below MLWS without delay.
Work will initially be confined to the area West of the inner
anchorage and North West of Glumaig Harbour; South of the line of
latitude 580 11.85’N and West of the line of Longitude 0060 22.95’W.
Mariners and port users are requested to keep well clear of this area
and are advised to navigate the surrounding areas with extreme

Supplementary notices to mariners will be promulgated as / when
required with updated and additional information pertaining directly
to this development, and safety of navigation.

For further information please contact the Stornoway Port Authority
Harbour Office:

Amity House, Esplanade Quay, Stornoway, HS1 2XS
Tel: + 44 (0) 1851 702688

William Morrison