Download 05-2018 Notice to Mariners


After careful consideration by the Authority’s marine safety management team, to enable the lifeline ferry service to operate safely and on time, even when weather conditions are inclement, the Authority will impose some restrictions on other vessels using the harbour.
From the date of issue of this Notice to Mariners, until further notice the following rules will apply at all times whenever the ferry is north of the Arnish buoy, during its inbound or outbound passage to or from Stornoway:

By the time the ferry is abeam the Arnish Point red buoy, all other vessels should clear the fairway, defined by the white sector of the Creed approach lights (Iso.WRG.10s) and remain in safe water as appropriate until the ferry is secured alongside.

NB: Occasionally part of the swinging circle of a large vessel anchored in the mouth of Glumaig Harbour may intrude into the white sector of these approach lights. On such occasions the Harbourmaster will have agreed the situation with the Ferry Master.

Whenever the ferry is north of Goat Island, arriving or departing its berth at No3 Pier, no other vessels should be navigating within the area marked to the north by an east-west line drawn through Q.WRG light at the southern end of No1 pier; and to the south by an east-west line drawn through the southern tip of Goat Island.

Vessels outbound from Esplanade Pier or the marina are not pass south of the Q.WRG light until the ferry is either alongside or is past the southern tip of Goat Island when outbound.

In order to enable the port to enforce these directions, the ferry should call Port Control 10 minutes before departure and request permission to depart.

This ruling will eventually be issued as a General Direction.