1. All vessels entering Stornoway Harbour port limits are required to report to Stornoway Harbour on VHF CH 12. The report should include the following information:

  • Vessel’s Name
  • Position
  • Intended Destination
  • ETA

2. Vessel should maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF 12 & 16 when navigating or anchored within port limits

3. Notice of ETA: Vessel should forward ETA with the following pre-arrival information( if >300GT) at least 24h in advance ( or as soon as practicable if inward voyage less than 24h duration)

  • ISPS/Security( CERS workbook)
  • Crew list (NMSW Fal 5 & 6 form)
  • Waste declaration ( CERS workbook)
  • Dangerous good manifest, if applicable ( CERS workbook)
  • Maritime declaration of health