Our consultations show strong demand from the energy, transport and cruise industries to bring larger vessels in Stornoway and for adjoining unloading, processing and storage space. Our natural resources provide opportunities for manufacturing and servicing in the renewable energy sector, as well as the potential to supply vessels with fuel from low-carbon sources.

Stornoway is an established cruise destination, ideally positioned on popular cruise ship routes.

The Port Authority has carried out a detailed assessment of the environmental impact of the project. This will ensure that the works are managed to avoid damage to wildlife and the surrounding area.


  • A new main berth for vessels up to 360m long
  • A freight ferry berth
  • Water depths of 10m below Chart Datum
  • A new platform area for unloading, storage & industrial use
  • A heavy lift slab at the quayside
  • A haul route to the Arnish fabrication yard for transport of large components
  • A pedestrian link to the Castle Grounds, to allow cruise visitors to walk/cycle into town

Designers: Wallace Stone (marine/civil engineering)
Contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey
Timescale: The Deep Water Terminal is due to be operational in 2024

Stornoway Deep Water Terminal - Energy Hub

The new Deep Water Terminal in Stornoway will provide a new facility to support future renewable energy developments.

Stornoway Deep Water Terminal - Cruise Destination

This major development will establish Stornoway as the only port in the north-west of Scotland where large ships can get alongside. It will enable the islands to realise their full potential as a perfect location for UK cruise itineraries, being an overnight sail to and from Greenock, Invergordon, Orkney and Belfast.