Project Development Objectives

1. Develop a Deep-Water Port

2. Develop Marina capacity at Goat Island

3. Develop a covered boat repair facility

4. Develop increased capacity and capability for fish processing

5. Redevelopment of the Inner Harbour landside area

Financial / Commercial Objectives

6. Double 2017 revenue within the next 10 years through expansion

7. Increase revenue of existing operations through marketing and sales improvements

Operational Objectives

8. Develop an organisational structure consistent with a developing business

9. Continually learn and adopt best practice

10. Develop effective controls and systems to manage risk

11. Improve HSEQ culture through communication with all stakeholders

12. Build and maintain relationships with key customers

13. Achieve and maintain outstanding customer service

14. Maintain the port infrastructure to a high standard

Community Objectives

15. Maintain the Port's central role in the community and local economy

16. Ensure that the Port recognises the views and needs of the local community