Our Board

The Board of Stornoway Port consists of up to nine non-executive members and the Chief Executive, as constituted by the Stornoway Harbour Acts and Orders 1976 to 2019.

The Board’s role is to ensure the improvement, maintenance and management of the harbour in an efficient and economical manner, facilitating the efficient and economic transport of goods or passengers by sea and the recreational use of sea going ships


Trust Ports

Trust ports are a particular type of port model in the UK and come in a wide variety of sizes and locations around the UK. The trust port model has stood the test of time, although the sector has gone through a process of modernisation. The result is a diverse and successful group of ports that is both popular with government, employees, stakeholders and importantly customers.

Our Mission, Vision and Business Objectives

Our Vision: We want to build a truly sustainable business that is the economic driver of the Outer Hebrides Our Mission: Our mission is to operate an efficient and well managed port to the highest standards of safety, security and environmental management, which will allow the Port to continue to grow and develop. As a trust port, our mandate is to improve, maintain and manage the harbour. We are accountable to the stakeholders, working for the benefit of our community and in order to fulfil that obligation, the Port must have clear objectives.

Our Business Objectives

Our Performance

As a trust port, the Port Authority have a duty to report on performance. Such performance will primarily be financial, however, economic, safety references, etc should also be report to stakeholders. Like all trust ports, we are financial independent, not part of the public sector, and all profits are reinvested into port infrastructure and other improvements


more cars travelling on the Stornoway ferry


increase in visitors to Stornoway from April 2018


Revenue for the year 2018


Cruise ship visits

Our History

In 2015 Stornoway Port celebrated its 150th anniversary and islanders and visitors had the opportunity to join in the celebrations of the historical and cultural roots of the port, which go back well beyond its constitutional formation in 1865.


Stornoway welcomes in most of their visitors by sea, with the harbour being the main focal point of the town. The harbour accommodates to a large variety of sea users, which creates an exciting buzz surrounding Stornoway.

Fisherman are frequent visitors, with numerous fishing vessels entering and departing from the harbour daily, providing fresh fish for various fish shops and restaurants. Stornoway marina runs along Cromwell Street Quay and provides a haven for island visitors and regular users and is a popular attraction of the island.

We are committed to sustaining our island and communities

Stornoway Port has set up a small funding mechanism to help the development of island community groups. To ensure the focus is on the future generation and development of the harbour, youth organisations and marine-related groups will be given primacy but it is absolutely essential that any group making an application, whatever their age range and interest, is a community organisation.

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