Dredging Operations

In connection with construction of the Stornoway Harbour Deep-Water-Terminal, dredging operations will be carried out from 4th January 2023 by trailing suction hopper dredger “Causeway”.

“Causeway” will be supported by the multicat “C-Fenna” and survey RIB “Aramis”.

"Causeway" will dredge within an area delineated by blue lines in the enclosed chartlet.

Expected dredging duration is 8 weeks. Operations will be conducted so as to minimise impact on planned traffic movements within the harbour.
On occasion, Causeway may carry out runs to the spoil ground outside the harbour; however the bulk of the dredged material will be deposited within the recently constructed bund at the Deep-Water-Terminal site. To facilitate this, a 72m floating pipeline will extend South from the Southern side of the bund at Deep-Water-Terminal, marked by a single light.

Operations will be conducted 24hrs a day. Subject vessels will display the required lights and shapes and will be monitoring VHF Ch.12.
Mariners using the harbour are advised to navigate with caution, give the dredging operations a wide berth and avoid the area around Deep-Water-Terminal construction site, as promulgated in previous local Notice to Mariners.

Download the full Notice to Mariners here