Maritime Declaration of Health

Stornoway Port Authority hereby gives notice that the submission of Maritime Declarations of Health (MDH) is no longer required from domestic trade vessels. Notice to Mariners 12 / 2021 has therefore now been rescinded and cancelled with immediate effect.
Any vessel entering Stornoway Harbour limits engaged on international voyages, or arriving from a foreign port should however continue to submit the Maritime Declaration of Health Form.

All arriving vessels are however reminded of their responsibilities, and should continue to report infectious disease risks, and should follow any instructions given by local health protection agencies to allow for investigation and control of infectious disease.
Furthermore, COVID-19 cases should continue to be reported (as per the contact information detailed below), in addition to any other infectious diseases or circumstances that may lead to transmission of infectious diseases.

Further information in regards to the above can be found on / in the following:

❖ Website – Scottish Government (Health Department);
❖ Website – Public Health Scotland;
❖ Website – World Health Organisation (International Health Regulations);
❖ The Public Health (Ships) (Scotland) Regulations 1971 (as amended 1974, 1978, 2007);

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