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Stornoway Port Authority compiled a list of services and contacts that should be able to assist any vessel visiting Stornoway Habour. The list presents only a section of the facilities available, should you require further information, or contacts, please email or telephone us. A comprehensive list of businesses, including Electrical and Marine Engineers, Cranage and Haulage contractors or Diving services, located in Stornoway can be found on the Hebridean Business Directory.


Stornoway has the leading slipway facility for the West Coast and surrounding islands. The Main Slipway cradle accommodates vessels up to 50m. long and 10m. beam. Displacement weight 850 tonnes. The Side Berths accommodate vessels up to 40m. long and 10m. beam. Displacement weight one at 400 tonnes and one at 200 tonnes.

Applications for vessels slipping should be made in the first instance to Slipway Office slipway@stornowayport.com (01851 703143) in order to assess availability. At this point you should have to hand basic information on the vessel to be slipped, and a brief outline of the works to be undertaken whilst on slipway.

Slipping and unslipping is generally only undertaken during normal daytime working hours 8:00 am – 16:30 pm. However, dependent on slipway availability, emergency slipping may be arranged within these hours by contacting the Duty Berthing Master.

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Stornoway is at the hub of lifeline services for the islands of Lewis and Harris. In support of this function, Stornoway Harbour has two Ro-Ro linkspans, one at Number 3 Pier used primarily by the CalMac Ferry ‘MV Loch Seaforth’ and the second on Number 1 Pier primarily used as a freight handling facility. Both linkspans are operated by the Stornoway Port Authority to whom any ad hoc requests for shipment of specific cargoes should be made.


Large vessels are bunkered by road tankers at No.3 Pier, No.2 Pier and Esplanade Quay. There is a fuelling facility at the northend of Esplanade Quay, operated by Stornoway Port Authority on behalf of the local authority, for fuelling fishing vessels and leisure craft. As Stornoway is located outside the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA), plans are currently underway to establish a bunkering facility for larger vessels transiting into and out of the SECA.

The main marine fuel distributors in Stornoway are: Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels Ltd.
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar has established a marine fuelling facility at Esplanade Quay. The system is ‘self-service’ and requires all users to have pre-arranged key holder accounts with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.
Visitors not registered with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar may be able to obtain fuel on completion of the Stornoway Port Authority registration form. Please contact Stornoway Port Authority Office for assistance.


Chandlery is available in partnership with Gaelforce Marine Ltd. and Stornoway Fisherman’s Co-operative Ltd, which provide supplies for vessels and maintenance.


West No.1 Pier (Ro/Ro Berth)
Length 128.0m. Depth 7.6m. to 4.5m.

East No.1 Pier
Length 130.0m. Depth 7.0m. to 1.0m.

Esplanade Quay
Length 122.0m. Depth 5.2m. to 4.5m.

East No.2 Pier (Tanker Berth)
Length 70.0m. Depth 4.5m. to 1.0m.

West No.2 Pier
Length 80.0m. Depth 4.5m. to 1.0m.

Linkspan: Splayed end 5.8m. Length 36.58m.
Width 3.66m. between rails.

West No.3 Pier (Ro/Ro Berth)
Length 140.0m. Depth 6.0m.

East No.3 Pier
Length 140.0m. Depth 6.1m.

North Beach Quay
Length 175.0m. Depth 3.5m. to 2.4m.

Cromwell Street Quay
Length 259.0m. Depth 2.1m.

Arnish Pier
Length 100.0m. Depth 6.5m.

Linkspan: Splayed end 11m. Length 42.5m.
Width 5m. between rails.


Please visit www.calmac.co.uk


Stornoway Cruise Ambassadors are a volunteer group dedicated to ensuring every visitor’s stay in the town is as pleasant as possible. The Ambassadors are on hand to meet and greet passengers disembarking cruise vessels in the town and offer advice and information on the island’s history and tourist attractions. Cruise Ambassadors are present at the pier when cruise passengers embark their vessel and at the end of their visit. Please contact Harbour Office for further information.

Stornoway Cruise Ambassadors

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