All vessels not in possession of current charts or navigational publications should make arrangements for a pilot to board on arrival. The Port Authority as the local Lighthouse Authority provides a network of navigation marks to assist vessels in navigating within the confines of the Harbour. Several shoal patches are marked with unlit framework towers, or unlit beacons. The entrance to Stornoway Harbour is dominated by Arnish Point Lighthouse. Approach to the outer limits of Stornoway Harbour should be made within the White sector of Arnish Point Light (bn.122º and 193º).

Vessels should approach the Harbour from the south, keeping within the White sector of Battery Point Light (58º 12.2 N and 006º22.1 W), and maintaining a distance of 2 cables east of Arnish Point, thereafter heading across the Harbour, keeping within the White sector of Creed Point Light (58º 12.03N and 006º23.48W). When Goat Island is abeam to starboard, and the White sector of No.1 Pier light is open, vessels should adopt a northerly heading, actual course dependent on which berth has been allocated.

Vessels planning to use the facilities at Arnish Pier should make use of the Glumaig sector light (58º11.3N and 006º22.75W) for the best line of approach to the berth.

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